My thoughts

Hey you guys (and gals)

I guess I should really discuss what my plans are for this blog.

Honestly I don’t know! I follow a lot of YouTubers such as JayzTwoCents and LinusTechTips and I love the way they review and spam on for ages about something, Linus especially, but I think that they’re always missing something in a video. Most likely not, but it just feels that way. Like in the LTT video of How to Hard Pipe Watercool, there wasn’t much discussion about the fittings, they seemed to rely on the company to send out the product(s) and go ham (most evident when they started worrying about the quantity of pipe they had left).

Ideally┬áI want to produce some entry level How To’s, something that you can understand if you’re 8 or 88, but also some more advanced guides. Nothing as serious as mineral cooling or power supply re-wiring, but you get the idea.

Until next time

Peace \V/



Hello everyone. I’m Thomas and welcome to my blog. I’m 21 and currently attend college studying ICT with the hope to go onto university and specialise in hardware design and concepts.

I’ve always wanted to get into reviewing as I find larger companies, despite stating they are non-bias, are slightly bias in one way or another. I have experience from a friend that the site she used to work for has an Intel and NVIDIA bias owner, which I find unfair to AMD.

Computers and technology has always been a hobby of mine since I was younger, my very first computer game (that I remember), was The Sims 2 Deluxe Edition. It took forever to install and I only every played a few hours before uninstalling it because my dad wanted to use the computer and it was slow.

I regularly game in my spare time and I love GTA V and the new Lowrider update, but my account got hacked and haven’t played since.

I hope you all enjoy my ramblings as the nights draw in and I get bored quicker.

Peace \V/